Aniview and Pixalate Team Up to Fight Ad Fraud

March 22, 2019
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Aniview partners with Pixalate to ensure video advertising remain both effective and
safe for all brands.

Pixalate is the first and only data platform with a comprehensive suite of products built
specifically to bring transparency to advertising and eliminate Ad fraud. Aniview will
use Pixalate’s fraud prevention solutions across its platform, which is comprised of
more than 500 million monthly active users every month, to monitor and prevent
fraudulent and non-human traffic across all In-stream and Outstream video campaigns.

With global ad spend estimated at more than $320 billion in 2019, Ad fraud is costing
advertisers several billions of dollars every year. All vendors in the supply chain have
to be on their guard watching out from fraudsters, who are becoming increasingly
sophisticated. The partnership with Pixalate furthers Aniview’s long-standing
commitment to fight ad fraud, expanding on existing Aniview ad verification tools, that
use proprietary technology to ensure campaigns are running in 100% brand-safe
environments and in front of real human beings.

“Our partnership with Pixalate is an important step in improving transparency and
performance in video advertising,” says Alon Carmel, Aniview’s CEO and Founder.
“As a veteran in the video ecosystem and reputation built over 7 years of devoted
activity and uncompromising standards, we’re proud to partner with Pixalate’s team
and bring its technology and capabilities to our platform.
We are determined to make sure our ecosystem remains clean and have taken and will
continue to take the necessary measures to make sure of this.
When running Billions of monthly video views, we’re committed to ensure our
channels are safe from harmful behavior and that our client’s campaigns are not only
run in the right places, but in front of real users.”

Aniview’s patented technology provides a full ecosystem (Ad Server, Custom Video
Player, and Marketplace) for serving and monetizing video ads/content.

For more information on Aniview’s Video SaaS platform products, solutions and data,
including how the company is driving progress in video advertising, please visit


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