Pros and Cons of Using Digital Video Advertising Today

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In 2022, forecasts suggest that 82% of all internet traffic will stem from video marketing. This indicates that the best days of digital video advertising are yet to come. Video content is essential for a successful marketing campaign, but advertisers won’t see immediate results without significant effort and investment. In some industries, digital video marketing […]

Change the Way You Use Video Advertising in 2022

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Around 78% of Internet users watch videos online at least once a week, and 55% watch at least one video every day. With more than half of consumers on the global market being more interested in video content this year, a good video advertising strategy is essential for business growth. Internet users spend a lot […]

3 Golden Video Marketing Tips that Keep You Ahead of Competitors

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Featuring a video as part of your landing page will boost your conversion rate by up to 80%. The statistic goes to show the immense success that videos have earned these days, especially in successfully promoting your page. Video marketing sounds simple enough to achieve: all it takes is to record, edit and post videos […]

A Complete Guide to Digital Video Advertising in 2022

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The marketing world is rapidly digitalizing and so are worldwide businesses looking to scale digitally. Research on video advertising showed that the number of videos uploaded monthly is higher than the number of videos produced by all major TV networks over the past 30 years. Additionally, 96% of consumers will learn more about a company […]

The 7 Biggest Challenges in the Digital Video Advertising Market in 2022

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Close to 85% of all US internet users have resorted to online videos. This makes a case for businesses to seriously consider implementing a video marketing campaign.  The shift towards data-driven solutions has given rise to the popularity of video advertising as a business model. The evolution of video advertising prioritizes the one-to-few over the […]