Publishers Miss Out on 79% of their Monetization Potential


According to Semrush research

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As reported by them, Online Publishers that sell their ad space fulfill as little as 21% of their monetization potential. The average publisher website loses around 79% of their potential revenue from displaying third-party ads and does not maximize their user’s values, making 21 the loneliest number you can ever be in the realm of Online advertising.

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Aniview aims at providing a full ecosystem for serving video and video ads through its patented and innovative technology. Our goal is to change the video advertising landscape and have premium publishers, networks, and advertisers globally use our suite of products and enjoy an end-to-end solution. Our offering includes a reliable platform for video hosting and monetization (made up of an Ad server, Player, SDK and Marketplace) which allows our partners to widen the reach of their services with versatile and customizable marketing tools that suit their business needs.