Server-Side Optimization

The debate about server-side vs client-side optimization is continuously evolving. On Aniview’s Ad Server, we give you the best of both worlds. Our server-side optimization algorithm uses machine learning based on activity and is coupled with client-side logic to maximize fill rate.

Unlimited Tags Supported

Aniview’s automatic server side optimization tool allows for multiple ad sources to be added to the waterfall, with no limit whatsoever – all tags are welcome (VAST, VPAID, IMA, etc.).

Automated Machine Learning

Nobody understands more about your campaigns than you do, but that’s no reason to work alone. Aniview’s algorithm learns which ad sources perform better in real time and optimizes campaigns, even when you’re not watching.

Automated Timeouts

Misbehaving ads get put in timeout. To reduce load and improve player efficiency, user experience & fill rate, Aniview sets automatic timeouts for each ad source in real time. If an ad doesn’t respond quickly enough, the next one is automatically loaded.