The Beginner’s Guide to TikTok Brand Marketing

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TikTok was launched in the international market in 2017 and acquired over 1 billion active monthly users in just a few years. While still small compared to social media giants like Facebook and Youtube, it’s overtaken other well-known platforms like Twitter and Facebook Messenger. TikTok’s growth is undeniable, and some companies didn’t miss out on […]

How to Detect and Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

How to Detect and Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud

Every year billions of dollars are lost to digital ad fraud, draining advertiser budgets and restricting ad performance. Experts estimate that online fraud-related costs will reach 100 billion dollars by 2023, a huge leap from 35 billion in 2018. As a marketer, it’s important to develop effective prevention strategies that can help you distinguish real […]

CTV Advertising Explained

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CTV Advertising Explained A 2021 report by Nielsen revealed that 77% of U.S. households use at least one connected TV (CTV) device. The wide adoption of CTV has attracted advertisers looking for effective ways to reach their target audience. Take, for example, Master, Inc., a world-renowned financial services corporation. Through CTV, the company was able […]

5 Advantages of OTT Marketing for Your Brand

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Data shows that more people are investing in over-the-top (OTT) marketing, with revenue expected to grow from $29.6 billion in 2020 to $59.4 billion by 2023 among 90 OTT apps. With OTT gaining traction, new ad technologies like ad players for publishers and video server software are continuously being developed. More importantly, it’s opening new […]

How Programmatic Ad Buying Can Benefit Your Brand

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Programmatic ad buying has completely transformed the way publishers and advertisers transact in the ad marketplace. Whereas traditional online advertising involves a lot of manual work that can stretch from a few days to months, programmatic advertising makes it possible to buy and sell ad space almost instantaneously. This has resulted in more and more […]