Easy to use Ad Server that supports any KPI needs with a real time reporting UI, 360 Holistic ad monetization

Make your website’s audience profitable Holistic video ad monetization for all publishers needs

Marketplace integrations with key SSPs and DSPs Video Player for both Instream and Outstream units, Generate high quality data

SDK integrations for Apps, CTV and OTT

Seamless integrations with Header-bidding, Open-RTB, API and more.

Aniview aims at providing a full ecosystem for serving video and video ads through its patented and innovative technology. Our goal is to change the video advertising landscape and have premium publishers, networks, and advertisers globally use our suite of products and enjoy an end-to-end solution. Our offering includes a reliable platform for video hosting and monetization (made up of an Ad server, Player, SDK and Marketplace) which allows our partners to widen the reach of their services with versatile and customizable marketing tools that suit their business needs.