Experience the ultimate video ad marketplace from Aniview. Connect with premium publishers and world class advertisers to increase fill rates, CPMs, and video experience.


Reach World Class Video Ad Supply

Aniview’s Video Ad Marketplace serves advertisers, agencies and trading desks around the world, enabling easy connections with premium publishers, advanced yield optimization, and real-time reporting that makes budgets sing.


Industry-Leading Video Ad Demand with Just a Click

Aniview’s Video Ad Marketplace enables prestigious publishers to monetize inventory, maximize revenues, and access a suite of industry-leading tools all from one real-time dashboard.


Reach Premium Publishers

Deliver video ads to near-endless premium global supply across verticals and device types, with just a few clicks.


One Connection to Rule Them All

Significantly increase fill rates and revenue by connecting with premium publishers, with one all-encompassing yet lightweight integration.


Make the Most Out of Your Budget

Maximize profits with our automated yield optimization engine, ensuring each dollar spent gets the highest possible return.


Real-Time Reports & Analysis

Granular, actionable, real-time reports deliver the answers and insights needed to boost revenue and deliver winning video experiences.


Integrations for Everyone, No Dev Needed

We support all kind of integrations, including tag-based, server-to-server, open RTB, and direct SDK connections.


Premium Demand Partners

Boost video inventory with unique outstream, instream, and in-banner demand from the world’s best advertisers.


Effortlessly Maximize Fill Rate

Aniview’s optimization algorithm and yield management engines  for publishers ensure impressive fill rates, maximizing the results of every campaign.


Reclaiming CPMs

Maintain control of precious inventory by defining pricing models, rules, and goals.

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One Tag to Rule Them All

One simple yet robust integration connects you to premium demand, yield management, and built-in optimization algorithms across all verticals, geos, and device types.


Optimizing Your Time

Properly manage your monetization through one platform with  Aniview’s real-time reporting and analysis dashboard.

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