Holistic Ad Monetization Solution
and Demand Marketplace for CTV
And OTT Media Publishers

Empowering the addressable TV growing opportunities with innovative end to end video monetization solutions for OTT / CTV now offering SSAI ad stitching, Focusing on Targeted, personalized advertising, for powerful cross-platforms – Linear streaming, nonlinear streaming, or VOD.

With top-notch user experiences and high-quality streaming, Including different models, like AVOD and FAST.

Increase fill rates and generate better returns by automating ad sales workflows connect to multiple ad platforms.

Effective server-side and client-side ad insertion:


High performance manifest manipulation for HLS & DASH

Advanced Ad prefetching & Ad preparation

Rely on CTV demand

Ability to manage inventory from single place

Ad Break & Ad Slots handling

Ad server integrated with SSAI ad tracking

Our Platform provides end-to-end handling of ad monetization solutions based on:

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High-performance Video Ad-Server

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High-performance architecture that delivers near-zero latency

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Integrate any demand-type into the auction: VAST, VPAID, HB, RTB, S2So

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Maximize yield with advanced optimization tools

Insightful analytics (AI/BI)

Powerful End-to-End Capabilities 

The platform provides a comprehensive dashboard with real-time reporting with all dimensions for both sell and buy sides and is available with full support on API levels.