Video Ad Player for Publishers

With Aniview’s video ad player software, you’ll play video ads with any tag (VAST, VPAID, IMA, etc.), in any format, on any device. And it’s enabled by one simple JS tag.


Deliver Video Content Seamlessly

Our VPAID and VAST ad player software is fully compatible with IMA and other interface formats. You’ll effortlessly reach users on desktop, mobile, and even OTT devices. As a patented video player designed for publishers, it eliminates persistent compatibility, compliance, and flexibility problems. It’s the first of its kind to serve auto-play ads in mobile environments, and our team continually refines it to trail-blaze in many more aspects.


Outstream and Instream Rich Media Units

Aniview has worked closely with various major direct publishers for years. Over that time, the Aniview portfolio has expanded with rich Outstream & Instream templates including over 50 ready-to-use Rich Media Ad Units. Not enough? Our Video Player can be customized to fit any format you can imagine.


Ad Player Software with VAST, VPAID, and IMA Support

The Aniview video ad player software is fully compliant with IAB’s VAST and VPAID protocols and can handle any ad format. Simply add videos with any of these formats to the waterfall and start delivering. Compatibility and compliance are priorities and our VPAID team verify that new versions are properly integrated as soon as they are released.

					<div id="aniplayer"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" id="aniviewJS">
  var myPlayer;
  var adConfig = {};
  var PlayerUrl = '';
  function downloadScript(src,adData) {
    var scp = document.createElement('script');
    scp.src = src;
    scp.onload = function() {
      myPlayer = new avPlayer(adData);;


One Simple JS Tag for Everything.

Aniview’s patented server and client side technology is all accessed through the Aniview video ad player. The player is contained within one small JS tag. Aniview’s video ad player lets publishers deliver ads on desktop, mobile webs, apps OTT devices like connected TV and is compatible with any video ad format you can imagine.


Patented Innovation

Our animated JS player was officially patented in early 2017, making Aniview’s player the first HTML5 smart video player software to serve auto-play ads in mobile environments. We plan on that being only the first of many firsts.


Developed for Large-Scale Publishers

The Aniview video ad player is for publishers who want to maximize revenue. It supports all video ad formats, allowing you to reach all kinds of user segments and audiences. Publishers may customize the software according to website capabilities, target customers, and more. Functionality is impressive — request a demo to see for yourself.


Intuitive Video Player Interface

Easy to use and understand, the Aniview video interface requires no learning curve. Documentation is accessible, and analytics is easily generated. The video player has an impeccable load time that won’t bog any environment down. With our HTML5 smart video player software, your team will be optimizing your ad real estate in no time.

The Next-Generation Video Ad Player

Maximum Control

Aniview’s video ad player grants publishers full control over their video ad content. Streamlined and functional, the ad player enables you to organize content into playlists and allows for seamless video asset management.

White-Label Option

Our ad player can be fully white-labeled by providers looking for consistent results. If you partner with Aniview, you’ll receive exceptional customer support and project management assistance straight from the experts.

Unparalleled Customer Support

We provide everything needed to get your ad player off the ground. We’ll explain the functionalities in detail and provide a comprehensive demonstration. Publishers also reach out to us for video ad player troubleshooting.

Holistic Monetization Solutions

Beyond ad players, Aniview offers end-to-end, full-stack video monetization that includes video ad server and marketplace software. You don’t have to look for other third-party providers; Aniview offers comprehensive solutions.

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Empowering Publishers Since 2013

About Aniview

Aniview provides a full ecosystem of video monetization solutions for the publisher who wants to get ahead. Since 2013, we have developed a host of technologies to maximize publisher revenue, including our video ad player and video ad server system.

All our innovations grant clients full control over their assets while saving precious time and workforce and generating a bigger bottom line.

Billions of Daily Impressions

Aniview delivers 10 billion monthly impressions for our clients, translating into healthy revenues. As we continue to improve our solutions, our impressions multiply, expanding our clients’ reach.

International Reach

We’re based in Israel, but we also work with publishers in the US, Asia, South America, and the UK — proof that our patented technology works in multiple digital environments.

Robust Partnerships

Apart from maximizing revenue, we enable our clients to forge mutually beneficial partnerships. All players in the Aniview ecosystem are verified and vetted.

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