Video Ad Player

One simple JS tag connects to Aniview’s powerful server, allowing you to show video ads with any tag (VPAID, VAST, IMA, etc.), in any format, on any device. Effortlessly reach users on desktop, mobile, apps, and even OTT devices. Simple. Custom. Powerful.


Outstream & Instream Rich Media Units

Aniview has worked closely with various major direct publishers for years. Over that time, the Aniview portfolio has expanded with rich Outstream & Instream templates including over 50 ready-to-use Rich Media Ad Units. Not enough? Our Video Player can be customized to fit any format you can imagine.



The Aniview video player is fully compliant with IAB’s VAST and VPAID protocols and can handle any ad format. Simply add videos with any of these formats to the waterfall and start delivering. Compatibility and compliance are priorities and our VPAID team verify that new versions are properly integrated as soon as they are released.  

<div id="aniplayer"></div> <script type="text/javascript" id="aniviewJS"> (function() { var myPlayer; var adConfig = {}; var PlayerUrl = ''; function downloadScript(src,adData) { var scp = document.createElement('script'); scp.src = src; scp.onload = function() { myPlayer = new avPlayer(adData);; } document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(scp); }; downloadScript(PlayerUrl,adConfig); })(); </script>


One Simple JS Tag for Everything. Seriously.

Aniview’s patented server and client side technology is all accessed through the Aniview video ad player. The player is contained within one small JS tag. Aniview’s video player delivers ads on desktop, mobile webs, apps OTT devices like connected TV and is compatible with any video ad format you can imagine.


Patented Innovation

Our animated JS player was officially patented in early 2017, making Aniview’s player the first to serve auto-play ads in mobile environments. We plan on that being only the first of many firsts.

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