Video Ad Server System

With Aniview’s Video Ad Server, you’ll manage and deliver video ads in one centralized platform.
Join the Fortune 500 companies that use Aniview to get over 300 million daily impressions.

Manage Video Ads in One Place

Store all video ads with any tag and in any format in one location. Make sweeping changes across all your video materials within minutes. Aniview’s Video Ad Server Software delivers enriched analytics for invaluable insight into your video ad campaigns. Get access to important data that will drive your next business decisions.


Unlimited Flexibility to Manage Your Data

Create entities and manage your data using our full API coverage. Our video ad server system lets you establish any kind of integration with demand partners – API, Server-to-Server, Open RTB, and more.


Video Server Software with Advanced Detection and Prevention

Aniview’s video content management software uses a mix of in-house algorithmic filter and leading fraud detection tools. We strive to have the cleanest, most responsible, and most effective video ad ecosystem available.


Get Analytics for Smart Decision-Making

Monitor all KPIs through a real-time dashboard that tracks and records all account activity. Aniview’s video server software features easy-to-digest tables and graphs that summarize key insights and the most important metrics. At a glance, you get a full picture of the state of your video ad campaigns, enabling data-driven decision-making.


Maximize Yield through Automatic Server-Side Optimization

Our video advertising server system combines reliable server-side optimization with client-side logic to optimize results. Its server-side optimization tool supports unlimited tags (VAST, VPAID, etc.). It uses machine learning to find out which ad sources perform best and then enhances your campaigns for you. It also sets automatic timeouts to improve player efficiency.


Connect with the Best Publishers

All players within the Aniview video server software ecosystem are vetted and verified so that you can forge mutually beneficial partnerships. You’ll get high-volume, high-value demand from premium publishers across the world, such as Playbuzz and Viber. Industry-leading fraud detection tools check all traffic, and you’ll be contributing to our impressive fill rates.

The Next-Generation Video Content Management Software

Designed for Publishers and Advertisers

Our video ad serving software is developed for large-scale publishers, advertisers, and ad networks that deal with huge ad real estate. Our tool simplifies video ad serving while delivering optimal results.

An End-to-End Solution

Aniview develops end-to-end, holistic video monetization solutions, so our clients won’t have to look to other third-party service providers. Everything is handled in one place, saving precious hours and staffing.

Maximum Control

Aniview’s video server software eliminates the persistent problem of large-scale publishers and advertisers: control over their campaigns. Our platform gives you full control over everything you own and deliver.

Maximum Profit

The tool gives you everything needed for a more significant bottom line: impressive results, less time and manpower, and real-time data and insight for your next big step.

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Beyond Conventional Ad Servers

About Aniview

Established in 2013, Aniview provides a full ecosystem for serving video ads. Beyond video ad serving, we also deliver custom video player and marketplace solutions for publishers, advertisers, media houses, content providers, and other clients that need efficient and effective video monetization.

Find out why premium publishers trust Aniview to get billions of monthly impressions.

Aniview by the Numbers

300+ Clients

We partner with hundreds of companies and networks from Israel, the US, South America, and Asia, helping them maximize their video ad real estate.

10 Billion Monthly Impressions

Aniview solutions deliver over 10 billion combined impressions monthly, thanks to innovative technology and our commitment to offering infinite alternatives.

300% Growth

We’re continually improving our abilities and solutions and expanding our reach. Aniview will soon be available to UK markets and launch new tools that solve publishers’ most pressing concerns.

See the Software in Action

Reach out to our team to see the features of our video ad server system for yourself.