Video Ad Server

A first of its kind, Aniview‘s Video Ad Server allows you to house, manage, and deliver video ads with any tag and in any format. Read on to see why Fortune 500 clients use Aniview to deliver over 300 million video ad impressions per day.

Real-Time Dashboard

Analyze & manage all your activity from one place

Our powerful and intuitive real-time dashboard allows you to view all your activity from one place. Aniview’s Ad Server Dashboard is designed to deliver insights, enable management & empower smart decision-making. Customize your dashboard to put your most important metrics in the spotlight.

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Server-Side Optimization

Maximize yield optimization in waterfalls & demand ad tags

Our server-side optimization integrates seamlessly with the client-side logic supplied by our player for full-stack video ad optimization. Aniview uses machine learning taking into accounts dozens of factors to identify trends and optimize for results for you.

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Partner Connection

Connect with hundreds of premium publishers

Develop winning mutually beneficial partnerships with hundreds of premium publishers. Built-in fraud detection tools ensure verified traffic for all of Aniview’s partners

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API and 3rd Party Integrations

Unlimited flexibility to manage your data

Create entities and manage your data using our full API coverage. Establish any kind of integration with demand partners – API, Server-to-Server, Open RTB, or anything else.

Video Ad Fraud Detection

Advanced Detection & Prevention

Aniview uses a mix of in-house algorithmic filter and leading fraud detection tools. We thrive to have the cleanest, most responsible, and most effective video ad ecosystem available.

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